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German prisoners under British guard 6 June 1941 IWM E3066E

 German prisoners under British guard 6 June 1941 IWM E3066E

The Junkers Ju 52 Trimotor in a nutshell

National origin:- Germany
Role:- Transport aircraft
Manufacturer:- Junkers
Designer:- Ernst Zindel
First flight:- 13 October 1930 (Ju 52/1m); 7 March 1932 (Ju 52/3m)
Primary users:- Luftwaffe
Produced: 1931-1945 (Germany), 1945-1947 (France), 1945-1952 (Spain)
Number built:- 4,845

The Junkers Ju 52 (nicknamed Tante Ju ('Auntie Ju') and Iron Annie) was a German trimotor transport aircraft manufactured from 1932 to 1945. It saw both civilian and military service during the 1930s and 1940s. In a civilian role, it flew with over 12 air carriers including Swissair and Deutsche Luft Hansa as an airliner and freight hauler. In a military role, it flew with the Luftwaffe as a troop and cargo transport and briefly as a medium bomber. The Ju 52 continued in postwar service with military and civilian air fleets well into the 1980s.


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