CASA C2.111 SAF 462Esc Black 2 1960.

Skins Compatibility: IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946

JT CASA C2.111 SAF 462Esc Black 2 1960
JT CASA C2.111 SAF 462Esc Black 2 1960 NC
JT CASA C2.111 SAF 462Esc Black 2 1960 NM
JT CASA C2.111 SAF 462Esc Black 2 1960 V0A

about the spanish Heinkel He 111:

CASA was build a license-version of the Heinkel He 111 H-16, later the spanish industry developed some own versions.

The spanish Heinkel in service, a list from 1953:

with german engines:
He 111 B, E/B-2 <-Bomber
He 111 B, E/MB-2 <-Weather/Recci
CASA/He 111 H-16 B-2 <-Bomber
CASA/He 111 H-16 BR-2H <-Longrange-Recci
CASA/He 111 H-16 T-8 <-Transport

with Rolls-Royce engines:
CASA/He 111 H-16 BR-21 <-Bomber
CASA/He 111 H-16 BR 21 <-Longrange-Recci
CASA/He 111 H-16 T-8B <-Transport

CASA build around 236 in license (1956), at the first time (in ww2) CASA becomes parts for the first ten He- 111 from Germany. The spanish name C 2.111 "Pedro". The bombload of the He 111 H-16 version is much more, like the H-2 or H-6. The H-16 can load 8 x SC250 for example.

The download included 3 skins; one blank, with roundels and one with full markings. It represented a aircraft of the 462 Escuadron. In 1965, the 462 Esc. take over the aircrafts of the 362 Escadron. Some Heinkel units was insolved in combat missions at Spanish-Sahara against rebels in the 50ties and 60ties.

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