25th September 1940 5 POW." /> Asisbiz Heinkel He 111 H-1 coded G1+BH (White B) WNr 6305 of 1./KG 55 shot down during Battle of Britain summer 1940

Heinkel He 111H 1./KG55 coded G1+BH flown by Fritz Jürges and based in France during the 1940. Fritz Jürges crew was shot down after a raid on the Bristol Factory and crash-landed Studland near Dorset England 5 POW.

Heinkel He 111 H-1 coded G1+BH (White B) W. Nr 6305 of 1./KG 55. The aircraft in typical Finish of RLM 70/71/65. Of special Interest is the crests personal insignia of 'prancing bull' painted on the port side just ahead of the aircraft's letter code. The alrcraft's Individual white letter 'B' was repeated in black on lower surface of the wing’s, outboard of the crosses. This He 111H was shot down by RAF fighters during a Luftwaffe air raid on the Bristol Aircraft Company's plant at Filton on , and crashed at Westhill Farm, Studland near Swanage in Dorset. Of the crew of five, four were captured, including the pilot Fw. Fritz Jürgens and navigator Hptm. Karl Köthke. The flight engineer, Uffz Josef Altrichter, was severely injured and succumbed to his wounds.


I have seven photographs (three of which are close ups) of this aircraft on the ground at Studland. I was two years old and living with my parents at Westcliffe Bungalow at the time. My father was in the RAF and stationed there.
Are these or copies of them of interest?
Alan Williams.
Hope this helps.
Neville Rourke.

Hi Alan
Thanks for replying.
I be delighted to to have any additional photo's of any aircraft particularly any WWII stuff my dad was also in the RAF.
But he never had a camera how sad but camera's where rare back then.

Here are the three close ups. It was probably dad's camera because there arte a lot of family photographs in the garden at Swanage at the time. There were four of them billeted together during the battle of britain. Father went to India to man the radio station at Mauripur, Karachi after wards.
Nice to talk to you,


RAF Corporal Harry King (RAF Military Police) was stationed at Worth Matravers Sept 1940 01-02

My family believe that this rear view photo of an RAF man racing to the site of the Heinkel downed at Studland is of my late father. RAF Corporal Harry King (RAF Military Police) was stationed at the time at Worth Matravers and billeted in Swanage - where fortuitously he met my mother. The reason for our belief is that,apart from my 91 yrs old mother actually recognising his figure in the photo,he was known to have been first at the scene,rescuing crew, taking prisoners & securing the crash site. Presumably there are contemporary records still existing to support these facts. Also,he had special permission to wear the peaked cap, rather than the usual forage cap worn by his rank - supposedly for medical reasons (though I suspect vanity!). One of the German crew (the pilot,I think) returned several times to Swanage in the 1970's contacting our relatives, as he sought my father in order to thank him for saving his life.Unfortunately we no longer lived there. Ironically, the target site of this raid on Filton, Bristol in 1940 was where forty years later my two sons served their engineering apprenticeships at Rolls Royce.

Nick inherited from Dad a series of photos taken from the open door of a Dakota(?) of a parachutist whose rigging became entangled on the tail-plane and was stranded there whilst the plane encircled the airfield, unable to land without killing him. The crew saved him by swinging a heavy kitbag, like a pendulum, to the terrified guy until he managed to grasp it with his legs to be hauled back aboard.Dad told me that his hair turned white virtually overnight (though this may well be apocryphal!)

We have other photos of downed German aircraft, if you are interested. Kind Regards,
Susan Burton (nee King)

New IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - COD skins

Luftwaffe Badge

Fritz Jürges

Units: 1/KG-55

Awards: Wound Badge, Bomber Operational Clasp

Known Aircraft: He 111P WNr 6305 'G1+BH' (lost )

Remarks: POW after making a force landing at Westfield Farm, Studland, near Swanage, Dorset at 12:10 hours. During his mission over Filton, he was attacked by a Hurricane of RAF No.238 Sq, piloted by P/O J.S. Wigglesworth and a Spitfire of RAF No.609 Sq, piloted by P/O J. Curchin. Remaining crew (all POW): Hptm Karl Köthke, Observer; Gefr Rudolf Weisbach, R/O; Flg Otto Müller, Gunner and Uffz Josef Altrichter, Mech. Altrichter died later that same day. Source: Bristol Past, John Penny.

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