Heinkel He 111H Stab IV./KG126 (1T+EF) Airfield Marx 1940 based in Denmark during the 1940.

During the flew mostly mine-lying operations and ship-hunting operations 1940-41.

Skins Compatibility: IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946

HI He 111H KG126 (1T+EF) Airfield Marx Denmark 1940
HI He 111H KG126 (1T+EF) Airfield Marx Denmark 1940 V0A-0C
Heinkel He 111H, Kampfgruppe 126, Airfield Marx, 1940

This aircraft skin based on a Xanty - template.
Thank you for your template.
I only repaint some parts and put some ohter markings (KGr.126, 1T+EF) on it.

Download included, one aircraftskin and a nice german pilotskin + noseart.

The original aircraft was based in the first part of the year 1940, at Marx airfield, NW-Germany.
This unit was flying against the british and french coastal areas, mostly mine-lying-operations and ship-hunting.

Later this unit was formed to the I./KG 28.

Have fun with this download and I wish you many
good landings :)

Best Regards


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