IL2 GD Fw 190D9 5.JG6 (B4+ ) WNr 211939 Galle Germany 1945 IL2 GD Fw 190D9 5.JG6 (B4+ ) WNr 211939 Galle Germany 1945 NM

I./Jagdgeschwader 6

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D9 Black 4 and Bar of I./JG6 W.Nr. 211939 Galle, Germany, spring 1945

IL-2 SturmovikSkins Compatibility: IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946

RD Fw 190D9 Black 4 and Bar of I./JG6 W.Nr. 211939 Galle, Germany, spring 1945
RD Fw 190D9 Black 4 and Bar of I./JG6 W.Nr. 211939 Galle, Germany, spring 1945 NM
RD Fw 190D9 Black 4 and Bar of I./JG6 W.Nr. 211939 Galle, Germany, spring 1945 V0A

FW 190D-9 Blue 12 W.Nr 500570 is a perfect illustration of a late war paint scheme applied by Mimetall.
This aircraft has often been mis identified as Black 12 but in actuality this plane was attached to 1st Gruppe 8/JG6 whose numbering and tactical markings were dark blue with a white border. A lot of the confusion probably comes from one of the color photos taken at Furth that has been published over and over again in various not so great tonal quality.

Observations and repairs
Although Blue 12 had a short operational existance it was damaged more than once.
. The entire engine module was taken from a different aircraft.
. Various repair patches which were then covered with red primer.
. Red primer applied to red lifting holes and oleos.
. A metal repair patch affixed under the wing.
. RLM 66 applied around the base of the tailplane.
. Blue grey repair paint on wing leading edge as well as patch spots on the gun cowl.
. A deep scratch over the staboard Swastika which resembles the letter 'F'
as well as overpainting on the leading edge of the tail assembly which parially covers the last digit of the W.Nr.
. Lastly,Blue 12 like the other three JG6 aircraft was dirty and extremely muddy on the undersurfaces.


The cowling was painted Green Blue and 83 with a thin layer of 81 along the top of the Exhaust pipes and a lot of of light 81 overspray on the top side of the fuselage.
There still is some conjecture that the gun cowl was either painted 81 or 83.I have chosen 83 as Jerry Crandell and Tom Tullis now seem to think so. I will include an extra skin with the 81 paint as well.
The fuselage top was a dreary scheme of 81 over green Blue.
25% of the forward underwing was painted 81,while the rest of the wing area was non painted bare metal.
The top wing scheme was an unusual combination of RLM81 and RLM76 .The 81 brought down over the leading edge of the wing and continuing on as the 25% forward underwing color that stopped just rear of the oleos.
This scheme was pretty much repeated on other JG6 1st and 2nd Gruppe aircraft in the last remaining months of the war.

Fw 190D-9 Black 4 W.Nr.211939 was the second of the three Doras that surrendered to the US 10th Photo Reconnaissance Group at Furth on May 8th 1945. This aircraft had sustained 25% damage on landing on February 26th but had been returned to operational status.Like other JG6 Doras Black 4 also showed the strain and wear from it's operational environment. This aircraft belonged to II Gruppe and wore all black markings without white borders that were a peculiarity of the Gruppes 6th Staffel II/JG6.

Observations and Repairs
.This Dora was another re engined aircraft still showing the factory . painted demarcation line.
.This aircraft has seen the replacement of the original side compartment access door on the left fuselage with a new still unpainted one.
.The rear extended fuselage section is unpainted as well.


The aircraft is finished in a RLM 82/81/and 83 paint over a RLM 76 finished fuselage with a light mottle of RLM 83 on the fuselage sides. Once again the Top wing Camo is the Offensive RLM76 in combination with RLM82.The underwing has been left unpainted as was the fuselage other than the nose section and the Ailerons. The main gear doors are of the wooden type and are painted RLM76.

Fw 190D-9 Black 8 W.Nr.500581 6/JG6 landed in Halle on May 6th 1945 and surrendered to the US 7th Armoured Div. This aircraft was very lackluster looking and like the other JG6 aircraft showed signs of operational wear. In many ways it resembled Blue 12,being a Mimetall produced aircraft with pretty much the same type of paint scheme.

Observations and repairs
.Some minor repairs to an oleo and patch painted with RLM 76.
.Under wing hatches puddy lined
.Extremely dirty fueslage.I was unable to determine as to whether the rearpart of the fuselage was painted RLM 76 or Blue Green,so settled for the blue green as this was a color the Mimetall factory used regulary,although 76 was used as well.My call.

This aircraft was painted RLM81/82/Green gray with a 76 rudder like all the Doras with soft whisps of applied mottle. Lastly,not mentioned before is,all these Doras were painted with a thin prop spiral that was the signature of Horst Wessel JG6.

Fw 190D-9 II Gruppe Stab Mech W.Nr.211934 This aircraft was the last of three aircraft to land at Furth. Another Mimetall produced aircraft and probably in the best of condition was painted in RLM 81/82/76 sporting an unusual grey painted section on the right top wing.Perhaps RLM 77.

Observations and Repairs
This aircraft had several repairs, being refurbished horizontal stabs that were partially painted in RLM02,the rest left bare metal as well as two painted patches on both fuselage sides that were most likely a coverup for previous numbers that had been applied.Underwinga and fuselage were painted RLM blue with the exception of the Ailrons which were left unpainted.

In closing, all four aircraft were disassembled and dumped on trash heaps within a week of surrendering.

The JaPo JG6 Dora Articles which are extremely well written,,The Monogram Close Up 10 by Richard J Smith and Eddie Creek, The Official Monogram Painting Guide by Kenneth Merrick, and FW190 Dora by Gerry Crandall. Special thanks to Phas3e for patiently sending me requested info, and more than once.

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