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IL2 EM Fw 190D9 Stab IV.JG3 Blue 1 Prenzlau 1945-V03

IL2 EM Fw 190D9 Stab IV.JG3 Blue 1 Prenzlau 1945 V03

Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Dora

Role: Fighter
Manufacturer: Primarily Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG, but also Ago, Arado, Fieseler, Mimetall, Norddeutsche Dornier and others
Designed by: Kurt Tank
First flight: 1 June 1939
Introduced: August 1941
Retired: 1945 (Luftwaffe); 1949 (Turkey)
Primary users: Luftwaffe, Hungarian Air Force, Turkish Air Force, Romanian Air Force
Produced: 1941-1945; (1996: 16 reproductions)
Number built: Over 20,000
Variants: Ta 152

The Focke-Wulf Fw-190 Wurger, was a single-seat, single-engine fighter aircraft of Germany's Luftwaffe. Used extensively during the Second World War, over 20,000 were manufactured, including around 6,000 fighter-bomber models. Production ran from 1941 to the end of hostilities, during which time the aircraft was continually updated. Its later versions retained qualitative parity with Allied fighter aircraft, but Germany was not able to produce the aircraft in enough numbers to affect the outcome of the war.

The Fw-190 was well-liked by its pilots, and was quickly proven to be superior to the RAF's main front line fighter, the Spitfire Mk. V, on its combat debut in 1941. Compared to the Bf-109, the Fw-190 was a "workhorse", employed in and proved suitable for a wide variety of roles, including air superiority fighter, ground attack, fighter-bomber, long-range bomber escort, and night fighter.

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D history and specifications

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