IL2 P3 Fw 190D9 5.JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945 IL2 P3 Fw 190D9 5.JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945 NM IL2 P3 Fw 190D9 5.JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945 V0A

Jagdgeschwader 26 Emblem Jagdgeschwader 26 - JG26

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D9 5./JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945

IL-2 SturmovikSkins Compatibility: IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946

P3 Fw 190D9 5./JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945
P3 Fw 190D9 5./JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945 NM
P3 Fw 190D9 5./JG26 Black 1 WNr 210972 Germany 1945 V0A

Fw190D-9 Jg26 Skin Pack 8 fully marked skins covering the range of schemes Worn by Doras used by Jg26

'Brown 2' an early production machine featuring RLM 83/75 the aircraft was photographed with 'Brown 18' at Schleswig airfield on May 5th 1945. It had seen extensive action by the time it was captured.

'Black 1' Another long serving machine this aircraft was produced in December 44. On the partial cease fire on May 5th 45 Fw. Gerhard Muller-Berneck flew this aircraft to Lister with the intention of joining 15./Jg5. Instead of staying there Muller-Berneck and another pilot refueled their aircraft at night and in the early hours of May 6th Flew back to Germany with intentions of landing near his home near Karlsbad. The weather made this impossible and he was forced to belly land the aircraft and was captured by US troops.

'Black 14' Captured intact at Flensburg this aircraft was one of a number of the Geschwader stab and other Jg26 aircraft which surrendered to British forces there. The aircraft was handed over to the US and was coded FE-119 it was taken to America where it was flown on a demonstration flight by 1./Lt William Haynes on September 1945 from Freeman Field New, Jersey. At 800 feet over the field Haynes entered a Left hand turn but the aircraft inexplicably dived into the ground killing Haynes and destroying the aircraft.

'Black 3' This aircraft crash landed in the Wessel area March 9 1945 after combat with Spitfires and P47s. The pilot Uffz. Fritz Hanusch suffered minor injuries. Unusually the aircraft has a Solid Black Fuselage cross. W.Nr500042 photographed after delivery this aircraft carries the delivery code 'white 9' it is an early Mimetal Erfurt machine and shows the patchwork nature of their early Doras. Its life and fate after the initial photograph is not known.

'Black 10' Another of the Flensburg Doras this aircraft was slated for return to the US but never made it its fate is unknown. The yellow tail indicated this could have been a Staffelkapitan's aircraft 'Yellow 8' Found by Elements of 486(NZ) squadron at a satellite airfield of Celle, A survivor of III gruppes disastrous period of February and March 1945. This machine should have been past onto one of the other 3 JG26 gruppes on the disbandment of III. gruppe on the 25th of March, but the fact it kept its old gruppe markings we can assume it wasnt airworthy at the time 'Black 13' Found by Canadian troops on April 11 1945 in a forest cutout near Hustedt/Celle. It was deliberately sabotaged by the retreating germans who collapsed the left landing gear leg to make it useless for the allies who would soon capture it.

Includes 6 Blanks for various Werk blocks for Jg26 Original template by FBS
with additions by by Casey1976
Skins by Phas3e

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