Art Focke Wulf Fw 190D13 I.EKG(J) WNr 836016 Walter Grasemann Pilsen Czechoslovakia 1945 0A Luftwaffe pilot Oberleutnant Walter Grasemann in front of Heinkel He 111H 9.KG27 (1G+BT)

Erg.KGr.(J) emblem Ergänzungskampfgruppe (J) - Erg.KGr.(J)

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-13 V./EJG 2(?) WNr. 836016 Pilsen – Bory Czechoslovakia May 1945

Only two Fw190D-13s are currently photographically documented. This one was found at Pilsen – Bory airfield with the engine dismantled at the end of the war. The Black Stab marking on the fuselage shows that this particular aircraft was flown by the Gruppenkommandeure. The exact operator of this Dora is not known, and V./EKG 2 formed from I./EKG(J) is one of the possibilities. If this theory is correct, then this Dora was flown by Hptm. Walter Grasemann. Nevertheless, thanks to confusion during final days of the war, this aircraft could also have been flown by other units, such as JG 2 or JG 6. The series of at least fifteen Fw 190D-13s was manufactured by Weser Flugzeugbau in March and April, 1945.

V souèasné dobì jsou fotograficky zdokumentovány pouze dvì Dory D-13. Tato byla po válce nalezena bez demontovaného motoru na letišti v plzeòských Borech. Èerné štábní oznaèení na trupu napovídá, že s letounem létal velitel Gruppe. Jednotku, do které patøil, však nelze s jistotou urèit. Je možné, že se jednalo o V./EJG 2, která vznikla z I./EKG(J) a stroj patøil Hptm. Walteru Grasemannovi. Vzhledem ke zmatku na konci války však mùže jít i o stroj z jiných útvarù Luftwaffe. Sérii minimálnì patnácti kusù Fw 190D-13 vyrobila spoleènost Weser Flugzeugbau poèínaje bøeznem 1945.

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Luftwaffe Badge

Hptm. Walter Grasemann

Units: Stfkpt 9/KG-27, Erg.KG(J), I/EKG(J)

Awards: RK(10/9/43), DK-G(3/19/42), EK 1 & 2, Wound Badge(7/8/43), Bomber Operational Clasp

Known Aircraft: He 111H-16 WNr 160927 (lost 7/43)

Remarks: WIA 8 July, 1943; shot down with wounds by flak. DK-G Awards List

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D history and specifications

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