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IL2 MD Bf 109K4 14.JG53 (B2+~) Schleibheim 1944

IL2 MD Bf 109K4 14.JG53 (B2+~) Schleibheim 1944

Ubisoft Il2 flight simulator 'IL2 Sturmovik 1946' and 'Cliffs of Dover' Bf 109K-4 at a Glance:

  • Engine: DB 605 D.
  • Power: Take-off : 1,800 HP
  • Armament:
    • 2 x 13 mm (MG 131).
    • 1 x 30 mm cannon (MK 108).
  • Advantages:
    • Excellent performance characteristics;
    • Strong armament;
    • Good cockpit visibility;
    • Easy to fly.
  • Disadvantages:
    • Poor engine durability;
    • Short range;
    • Deteriorating war conditions leading to poor manufacturing quality.

Pilot Notes:

  • Take-Off Speed: 170 km/h Landing Speed: 155 km/h Combat Engine Setting: 2,500 RPM Best Cruise: 2,100 RPM Economy Cruise: 2,000 RPM Prop Pitch Control: Auto/ Manual Mixture Control: Manual Boost: No Supercharger: Auto
  • Gunsight Note: The gunsight in this aircraft, as in many German planes, was positioned off-center. The default internal camera position is centered, and as such the gunsight is difficult or even impossible to use. To switch to an aiming view, use the Toggle Gunsight button (Shift-F1 by default) that switches the view to look through the offset gunsight.
  • The Gustav model of the 109 shows an incredible ability to keep the fighter's design a step ahead of most contemporary enemy planes. With the possible exception of the 1943 G-6, you will never feel inferior to any contemporary enemy fighter in your new 109 model. The same engagement strategies apply here as to the Franz and Emil. Feel free to enter an angles fight with the enemy if you feel confident enough. If you're looking for an easy victory, stay above 450 km/h in a fight and attack the enemy in 500 km/h+ dives and you should be able to defeat almost any opponent.
  • 109's armament is always enough to bring down a fighter, but can sometimes be a bit insufficient against better armored bombers like the IL-2. When you know you'll have to face targets like that make sure to grab underwing gun pods, or a 30mm MK-108 cannon in the nose. With the gunpods or the MK-108 you will bring down any target with a single accurate burst.
  • 109 is not a very stable gunnery platform under 350 km/h and you may find your aim getting thrown off and your rounds scattering too much when firing at slow speeds. Accelerate to 350 km/h or more and your bursts should be much more accurate.
  • It's very hard to stall or spin the 109 but that certainly has been done by some less capable pilots who were too rough with their crate.

Messerschmitt Bf 109K Karl Table

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