Ergänzungsgruppe Jagdgeschwader 26 'Udet' - Erg.Gruppe/JG26 - Erg.Gr. JG26

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 Erg.Gr.JG26 ((+ Oblt. Hubertus von Holtey W.Nr 5819 April 1941 01

Photo 01: Obstlt. Galland's old W.Nr 5819 was eventually passed on to Erganzungsgruppe JG26 at Cognac where it was flown by the Kommandeur, Oblt. Hubertus von Holtey. Although the JG26 'Schlageter' and 'Mickey Mouse' badges were retained, the machine was re-camouflaged to conceal Galland's Kommodore markings and, in view of von Holtey's status, a more appropriate Gruppenkommandeur's double chevron was applied in their place. Later, a number 16 was added aft of the fuselage Balkenkreuz.

Pilots EG26 Hubertus von Holtey Cognac Feb. 1941 01

Photo 01: Oblt. Hubertus von Holtey, right, commanding officer of the Erganzungsgruppe of JG26, greets Oblt. Joachim Muncheberg during the latter's visit to Cognac in February 1941, possibly to arrange the transfer of pilots to his staffel shortly before Muncheberg took his 7./JG26 to Sicily.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7/B Er.Gr./JG26 (White 7+) force landed on a French beach 1940

Photo's 01-03: A common occurrence, due to the lack of endurance, was that many Bf 109s ran short of fuel and barely made it back to France or had to ditch in the sea. Here another Bf 109E-4 of JG51 has made a belly landing on a French beach during a receding tide. German Luftwaffe personnel are trying to salvage the aircraft before the water returns.

These photos have been miss labled in the book and have been found to belong to the Er.Gr./26 group.

Not JG51, but - Definitly - Er.Gr./JG 26, Bf109E-4, 10 Janvier 1941, on a Beach near Dieppe's Cliffs. Picture taken by Albert Brunner while in training with that unit. The story doesn't tell if Brunner was flying this plane!!

White 7, whitout canopy, on the beach with cliff, no emblem visible (in fact the three pictures in the middle) E-4, Er.Gr./JG 26.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7 Erg.Gr. 26 (W12+) Holland 1941

Messerschmitt Bf 109E.7 of Erganzungsstaffel JG26. Fitted with the later-style canopy and a supplemental armoured windscreen, this aircraft is believed to have been manufactured originally as an E-1 and subsequently modified to E-7 standards. It has been repainted in an upper scheme of 02/71 with the level of the undersurface 65 raised to the mid-fuselage level. The JG26 Erganzungsstaffel emblem appeared on the cowling and although there is a Werk Nummer visible on the fin in the photograph of this aircraft, it is unfortunately illegible.

Messerschmitt Bf 109E EG26 (W12+) Holland 1941 01

Photo's 01-02: 'White 12', a Bf 109E-7 of Erg.JG26 at Rotterdam-Waalhaven in early 1941. Erg.JG26 was formed in September 1940 under the command of Oblt. Hubertus von Holtey and, as well as new aircraft, received reconditioned machines no longer considered suitable for operational purposes. Parent Geschwadern passing over such aircraft were encouraged to leave old markings, emblems and victory bars intact as a means of fostering among the fighter pilots under training a sense of pride in the parent unit and, for this reason, this machine retains the Geschwader's 'Schlageter' shield.

Messerschmitt Bf 109E Erg.Gruppe/JG26 (W16+) Flying School Wevelgem AD, Belgium 1941 01

Photo 01: In September 1940 3,000 Belgian workmen were employed by the Germans to extend Wevelgem aerodrome. The work was carried out by a local Belgian contractor under the supervision of the Organisation Todt, and pay compared very favourably with local rates. Between the end of November and mid-January, the aerodrome was unserviceable due to wet weather but the extension work was completed in mid-January and, soon afterwards, it became the base for Erganzungsgruppe JG26. Here, one of this unit's Bf 109Es is seen parked in front of a well-camouflaged hangar. The machine's entire tail area, which seems to match the tone of the spinner and the code number '16', was probably yellow. It was customary for serving with training units to have higher numbers than operational units.

 IL-2 Sturmovik 'Cliff's of Dover' - COD game skins
COD game skin by asisbiz Bf 109E7 Erg.Gr/.JG26 (White 12+) Holland 1940
COD game skin by asisbiz Bf 109E7 Erg.Gr/.JG26 (White 12+) Holland 1941
COD game skin by asisbiz Bf 109E7 Erg.Gr/.JG26 (White 8+) Holland 1941
COD game skin by asisbiz Bf 109E7 Erg.Gr/.JG26 (White 9+) Holland 1941


Luftwaffe Badge

Luftwaffe pilot Hubertus von Holtey

Bf 109E 110 (E-1 black 14) On may 10th 1940 black 14 was flown by Staffelkapitän Olt Hubertus von Holtey. Flying above the Netherlands, Von Holtey was hit by flak fire south of the IJsselmeer and crashed near De Klomp. Von Holtey was wounded and taken POW

Luftwaffe pilot List of 2 aerial victories for Hubertus von Holtey

Date Pilot Name Unit Enemy A/C Type Height Time Location
05-Jul-40 Hubertus von Holtey 5./JG26 50m 14.15 Senden SW Munster
12-Aug-41 Hubertus von Holtey StabJG26 5m 13.28 S. Vlissinghen 5m


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