USAAF 42-107684 Martin B-26C-45-MO Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 42-107684 Martin B-26C-45-MO Marauder

1942107684, 42-107684 Martin B-26C-45-MO Marauder, Fate: 387BG556BS Remarks: 387BG556BS (Chipping Ongar) - Tiger Tails Code:FW-J named: Top Sarge II, Disposal:

Top Sarge 2nd
Martin B-26C-45-MO Marauder
Sn: 42-107684
Squadron Code: FW-J

First Sortie

Last Sortie


25 May 44

26 Apr 45


Crew Chief: T/Sgt.Gerald J. Goulet
Asst. Crew Chief: Cpl. James G. Peterson*

Top Sarge 2nd did its job as expected with no special fanfare. It was an unheralded member of the 100 sorties club, a tribute to its ground crew; especially T/Sgt. Gerald Goulet, the aircraft's crew chief. It was one of the aircraft on the Group's last scheduled mission on April 26, 1945, against oil storage tanks at Schrobenhausen, Germany, which was recalled three minutes from base because the target had been overrun by the fast-advancing U.S. ground forces.

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