USAAF 42-96107 Martin B-26B-55-MA Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 42-96107 Martin B-26B-55-MA Marauder

1942096107, 42-96107 Martin B-26B-55-MA Marauder Fate: 387BG556BS Remarks: 387BG556BS (Chipping Ongar) - Tiger Tails Code:FW-N Name:"Boogy Buggy" 394BG585BS Bridge Busters Code:4T-? Disposal:

Boogy Buggy
Martin B-26B-55-MA Marauder
Sn: 42-96107
Squadron Code: FW-N

First Sortie

Last Sortie


29 May 44

19 Apr 45


Crew Chief: T/Sgt. James Stalnaker
Asst. Crew Chief: Sgt. Seymour Cohen

Boogy Buggy was the B-26 that introduced me-and our crew-to aerial warfare. I recall sitting in the tail gun position on the morning mission to Brest, on September 5, 1944. We encountered light 40 mm ground fire as we neared the target, but nothing significant as I learned later. My thoughts at the time were rather rash, I must admit; "Hell," I remember thinking, "this is a piece of cake."  - William J. Thompson, Jr.

Boogy Buggy survived the war.

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