USAAF 41-35009 Martin B-26C-20-MO Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 41-35009 Martin B-26C-20-MO Marauder

1941035009, 41-35009 Martin B-26C-20-MO Marauder, Fate: 387BG557BS+394BG584BS+386BG555BS Remarks:394BG584BS Code:K5-E Kiziyo Pofoth 387BG557BS (Chipping Ongar) - Tiger Tails Code:KS-F named: Kiziyo Pofoth/Eaglet The Crusaders Code:YA-R, 387BG557BS (Chipping Ongar) - Tiger Tails Code:KS-F Name:"Kiziyo Pofoth/Eaglet" 386BG555BS The Crusaders Code:YA-R 394BG584BS Code:K5-E Name:"Kiziyo Pofoth" and later K5-R and also named "Donald Duck" 2Lt John M Laferty Crew: CoPilot - 1Lt William McKay B/N - 2Lt John Therkeldsen Engineer/Gunner - SSgt DD Rowe Radio/Gunner - SSgt John Paulus Armorer/Gunner - Cpl Gray To ASG 45-05 The other side of 41-35009 K5-E, later K5-R after returning from ASG depot. Photo taken by Jack Laydon Disposal:


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