USAAF 41-34947 Martin B-26C-15-MO Marauder

Photo: 41-34947 B-26C Marauder RU-K 'Lady Luck' crew Boxted England Sep 12 1943

USAAF serial number S/N: 41-34947 Martin B-26C-15-MO Marauder

1941034947, 41-34947 Martin B-26C-15-MO Marauder, Fate: Shot down +322BG451BS Remarks: The Crusaders Code:RU-K named: Lady Luck wing blown off by flak over France Feb 10, 1944. MACR-2082. Previously 322BG451BS Nye's Annihilators Code:SS-J named: Idiot's Delight, Disposal: 10-Feb-44

Mission to bomb V1 Launch Sites and received a direct hit from flak and had its ing blown off whilst over France on Feb. 10,1944 1 POW, 5 KIA. MACR 2082
1stLt. Robert B. Spencer - pilot (POW)
F/O Dayton B. Mitstifer - copilot (KIA)
1stLt. Arch A. Dennen - bombardier/navigator (KIA)
T/Sgt. Richard R. Faith - radio operator/gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. Gerard G. Bergeron - engineer/gunner (KIA)
S/Sgt. John L. Dorton - armorer/gunner (KIA)

Assigned to 451BS, 322BG named "Idiot's delight". Transferred at 554BS, 386BG, 9AF renamed "Lady Luck". Lost 10-Feb-44 when flak shell hit fuel tank of starboard wing, wing detached at nacelle and A/C tumbled on fire. France. 1 x POW, 5 x KIA. MACR 2082.

Crew: Pilot 1Lt Robert B Spencer (O-521555), Co-Pilot F/O Dayton B Mitstifer (T-186567), Bombardier 1Lt Arch A Dennen Jr (O-666009), Mech / Gunner S/Sgt Gerard G Bergeron - (36178693), Radio / Gunner T/Sgt Richard R Faith (13087676), Arm / Gunner S/Sgt John L Dorton (35285622). "Crew of the Martin B-26 Marauder 'Lady Luck' of the 554th Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group pose by their plane at their base In Boxted Field, Essex, England On 4 January 1944." - B-26C serial 41-34947 'Lady Luck' (coded RU-K) of the 554th Bomb Sq, 386th BG.

Standing, from left: James Baxter, (CP); Emmett Curran, (P); Roy Stroud, (N/B).
Kneeling, from left: Robert Mixter, (E); John Lennon, (R); Robert Dall, (G).

Staff Sergeant Robert E. Dall, a tail gunner of the 386th Bomb Group paints a message to the Germans on the tail of his B-26 Marauder (RU-K, serial number 41-34947) nicknamed "Lady Luck". Image stamped on reverse: 'Keystone Press.' [stamp], 'Not to be published.' [stamp], 'Ministry of Information 30 Spet 1943.' [stamp] and '285966.' [Censor no.] Printed caption on reverse: 'AMERICA'S RED DEVIL FLYERS. USP/2247-14. Just as pilot's like to name their ships, gunners like to flaunt "Jerry" with their wit, but often speculate as to whether or not he appreciates it. Here S/Sgt Robert E Dall, New York City, tail-gunner of "Lady Luck" put finishing touches to his message to the Luftwaffe. At the time this picture was taken, Dall had been on five operational missions over enemy territory, on two of them German fighters tangled with his formation. In each case "Jerry" come off second best and now knows the strength of the Marauder.'

"Crew of the Martin B-26 "Lady Luck" of the 554th Bomb Squadron, 386th Bomb Group pose by their plane at their base in Boxted Field, Essex, England On 12 September 1943." - It was lost on 10-Feb-45 when part of its left wing was blown off by flak over France. 5 KIA, 1 POW MACR 2082.


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