USAAF 41-31953 Martin B-26B-30-MA Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 41-31953 Martin B-26B-30-MA Marauder

1941031953, 41-31953 Martin B-26B-30-MA Marauder Fate: Crashed Remarks: The Crusaders Code:RG-T named: Buzz-n-Bitch II crashlanded Aug 18, 1944 Previously Base: New Castle Field, Wilmington, DE crashed near Lambert Field, St Louis, MO USA Pilot:Corning, Mervyn E Date: Jun 17, 1943, Disposal: 18-Aug-44

Photos A bomber crew of the 386th Bomb Group with their B-26 Marauder (RG-T, serial number 41-31953) nicknamee "Buzz-N-BitchII".' Image via Chester P Klier. Printed caption on reverse: '552nd BS, 386th BG. A/C Name: Buzz-N-Bitch II, A/C Ser no. 131953 RG-T. Crew left to right from back row: 1-B/N: Anthony Popvici, 2-C/P; Robert C Gragg, 3- Pilot: Donald E Vincent, 4- A/G: James D Wilkie, 5-R/G Robert W O'Kane, 6-E/G: Chester P Klier.'
B-26 Marauders including (RG-T, serial number 41-31953) nicknamed "Buzz-N-Bitch" of the 386th Bomb Group fly in formation during a mission. Printed caption on reverse: '522nd B.S. 386th B.G. Aircraft in far upper left hand corner is Buzz-N-Bitch. Ser. No. 131953 RG-T. ' On reverse: From Photo Files Of Chester P. Klier [Stamp].


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