USAAF 41-31763 Martin B-26B-20-MA Marauder

Photo: 41-31763 B-26B Marauder RU-O 'Cloud Hopper 2nd' crew England 1944

USAAF serial number S/N: 41-31763 Martin B-26B-20-MA Marauder

1941031763, 41-31763 Martin B-26B-20-MA Marauder Fate: Crashed Remarks: The Crusaders Code:RU-O named: Cloud Hopper 2nd hit by bomb dropped from higher aircraft and crew anandoned the aircraft over France May 31, 1944. MACR-5120, Disposal: 31-May-44

386th Bombardment Group Mission 189

shot down by flak on the May 31, 1944 mission to bomb the highway bridge near Rouen, France. MACR 5120
1stLt. Donald B. Wren - pilot (evaded)
1stLt. Uriah W. Miller - copilot (KIA)
Sgt. Thomas J. Yates - bombardier/navigator (POW)
S/Sgt. Dee E. Mitchell - engineer/gunner (POW)
Sgt. Angelo M. Staffo - armorer/tail gunner (evaded)
T/Sgt. Steve Tirpak - radio operator/gunner (evaded)
Lt. Miller was shot in his chute as he came down over what was then the front lines.


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