USAAF 41-31613 Martin B-26B-15-MA Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 41-31613 Martin B-26B-15-MA Marauder

1941031613, 41-31613 Martin B-26B-15-MA Marauder Fate: Shot Down Remarks: The Crusaders Code:YA-Y named: Son of Satan Lost Nov 18, 1944 when hit by flak over Germany and crashed near Mörschied Germany. 5KIA 1POW MACR-10466 Capt. Owen, Disposal: 18-Nov-44

Alexandra Economidis Damian

I have never seen the crew of the Son of Satan, complete with my Grandfather, in any photograph. I just wanted to thank you. My Grandfather is 2nd from the left in the front row, the one holding the papers/photos (not sure what they are). His name was Major Simon George Economidis, of San Angelo, TX. (at this time he may have been a First Lieutenant) and served as bombardier. He hardly ever spoke about the war, despite having won medals and been a part of this distinguished group of veterans. I had just never seen him in this way, and am filled with pride and gratitude for this photo being posted online. Thank you so much, and for helping to keep the memories of the Marauders alive.

Major Economidis passed away following a long battle with Parkinson's Disease on Sept. 23, 1985, but I am attaching another photo of him in uniform, all that I have from this time of him.

Thank you again, this meant the world to us remaining family members to see!
Alexandra Economidis Damian


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