USAAF 40-1419 Martin B-26-MA Marauder

USAAF serial number S/N: 40-1419 Martin B-26-MA Marauder

1940001419, 40-1419 Martin B-26-MA Marauder Fate: Crashed 22BG2BS Remarks: 22BG2BS Red Raiders 21 Apr 1942 Crash landed at sea near Palm Island, en route from Port Moresby to Garbutt Field, Australia, cause unknown. An Australian officer, a passenger, was sole surviver. Lost were Lt. Arthur E. Wentzel, pilot, Lt. William A. Lazemby, co-pilot, Lt. Carl L. Hensing, navigator, Pfc. Raymond E. Hoag, bombardier, Pfc. Nyman W. Ostroff, radio operator, Pfc. Norman B. Musgrave, engineer, and Pfc. Dallas W. Keefe, gunner. Disposal: 21-Apr-42

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