1./SAGr 126
Seeaufklärungsgruppe 126 - 1./SAGr 126

Arado Ar 196A SAGr126 Mamaia Romania Black Sea 25th Nov 1941

Photo source: Avions 139 Page 41

Arado Ar 196A4 SAGr126 Stammkennzeichen Sktz WN+CN WNr 118 Ceate Greece

Photo source: Avions 139 Page 42

Arado Ar 196A-3 X. Fliegerkorps 1./SAGr 126 (D1+EH) Fritz Schaars Mediterranean Greece 1943

German Navy Kriegsmarine UJ-2104 Darvik under attack by RAF Beaufighter Mediterranean 1943

UJ-2104, named DARVIK was the former Norwegian whaler KOS XXIII, 353 grt, built in 1937 by Smith's Dock for the whaling company Hvalfangerselskap Kosmos A/S (Anders Jahre, mgr).

KOS XIII was requisitioned by the Admiralty, while she was in South Africa in 1940. She was then converted to an auxiliary submarine chaser, and assigned to the Mediterranean operations. Damaged during a German air raid at Soudha Bay, Crete, she was subsequently scuttled on 27th May 1941 to prevent capture. She was raised by the Germans, repaired and in service in February 1942. She was renamed UJ 2104 DARVIK and assigned to the 21st Unterseebootsjagdflottille.

On September 17th, 1943, PAULA and PLUTO, loaded with troops from Piraeus bound for Rhodes and under the escort of submarine chaser UJ-2104 DARVIK, were attacked by a destroyer Flotilla (operation Rump) consisting of HMS FAULKNOR (leader), HMS ECLIPSE and the Greek VASILISSA. Both ships were sunk, north of Stampalia (Astipalea) by gunfire.

Paula was the French cargo vessel PLM-12, captured by the Germans in November 1942 and renamed Paula. Pluto was a Dutch cargo from the KNSM (same name), seized by the French, off Oran, transfered to the Germans (Reederei Mittelmeer mngrs.) in 1942.

Note: conflicting reports state that the ships were sunk by aircraft.

UJ-2104 was attacked several times in September 1943 and was abandoned at Stampalia Bay on 18th September, 1943. Her final fate is unclear. Some sources say she was scuttled by her crew, others that she dragged her anchor and foundered in a storm. After her survival from the attack north of Astypalaia Island drived from the captain to Saint Fokas bay of Astypalaia island and Captured from The Italian guard of the Island. The Italians took some of the machine guns and drived the UJ-2104 without crew to Glinos Island (small rock island in Maltezana gaulf). Left the bombed UJ-2104 without protection exept her ancors. Several days after sunk from her ancors after a very hard wather coditions. In 1944 a scrap company took the UJ-2104 from Glinos Island to Piraeus for reconstruction for other use after the war, but the double remaining in the bottom of the sea and the bombs had made very big damages to the ship and finaly they decide to sell it for scrap.

web Reference: http://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?153491

Arado Ar 196A X. Fliegerkorps 4./SAGr 126 (D1+BN) Vukovar Croatia Sep 1944

Arado Ar 196A 4./SAGr 126 (DN+IE) Vukovar Croatia Sep 1944

Arado Ar 196A 4./SAGr 126 (DN+IF) Vukovar Croatia Sep 1944

Arado Ar 196A 4./SAGr 126 (DN+IG) Vukovar Croatia Sep 1944

Skins Compatibility: IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles (FB), Ace Expansion Pack (AEP), Pacific Fighters (PF), 1946

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