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VisualRoute Advanced Edition 10 users
Price: $630.00
  • VisualRoute Advanced Edition provides the more technical user continuous connection testing and a history of previous connection test results for more in-depth connectivity analysis.

    # Perform more in-depth connectivity test Continuous connectivity testing enables more detailed analysis of connections
    # Continuous measurement of network latency with views of IP response over time
    # A history of performance test reports provides views to previous connection tests to identify changes in network performance over time

    VisualRoute is available in seven specialized editions - Feature comparison chart

    Features & Benefits

    * Continuous Network Performance Testing
    Continuous trace functionality supports automated cycling of connectivity tests in order to monitor performance degradation that may occur over long periods of time.

    * PingGrapher™ Continuous Network Latency Testing
    PingGrapher provides continuous testing to a specific IP address, reporting network latency over time for more detailed views of connectivity performance.

    * DNS Performance Testing
    VisualRoute measures and reports on DNS (domain name service) response time, which can have a significant effect on connectivity performance.


    * Tabbed Display
    Multi-tabbed design provides quick access to multiple connectivity and PingGrapher™ tests in a single view, a simple click on a tab provides easy navigation of open reports.

    * Multiple Maps
    Choose from three popular map displays, including physical and political map options.

    * Trace & PingGrapher History
    Database for data collection, historical analysis and reporting. Easily select historical traceroute and PingGrapher reports to aid in the analysis of ongoing problems or identify changes in service levels.

    * Browser Shortcut
    Trace the web site in your browser with a simple click on the Internet Explorer or Firefox toolbar, see the actual IP routing path to the web server, the Whois information for the domain, and estimated geographical location of the server.


    * NEW! Graphical View of Traceroute, Ping, Reverse DNS Connectivity Analysis
    Results from several essential network diagnostic tools are integrated into an overall connectivity report, providing a graphical view of connection performance report including packet loss and latency for each network hop. Drill-down detail is easily visible with a mouse over any network hop.

    * Trace to any Remote IP address or Domain from the VisualRoute desktop
    Test connectivity from the VisualRoute desktop to any web server, IP address or network device. Get an instant report of the entire route and each network segment, see where data is being lost or excessive latency occurs. And by combining multiple network diagnostic tools in one easy to interface, VisualRoute provides a complete picture of connectivity performance -- with much faster results than traditional tools.

    * IP Location Reporting
    The physical geographical locations of network servers and routers is key information for understanding routing problems, viewing the actual route path on global map provides an instant of picture of routing efficiency and distances.
    * Network Provider Reporting
    See the contact information for the company providing Internet access for each hop of a network route, so you can easily report network problems.

    * Domain Whois Reporting
    Get instant lookups of domain information from worldwide databases, so you can see the registered ‘owner’ of an IP address or domain..

    * NEW! Network Peering Points
    See where network peering points are located on the connection route to help identify high-risk routing devices.

    * ICMP & UDP Traceroutes
    ICMP is the standard diagnostic vehicle for traceroute reporting. UDP is an application protocol, UDP traceroutes extend the ICMP traceroute capability through a more accurate depiction of application routing and more ?firewall friendly? traces. VisualRoute's intelligent protocol selection system automatically switches from ICMP to UDP traceroutes where required.


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