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MyConnection PC performs several key connection tests for in-depth views to connection performance and the causes of poor performing connections.

  • Application Speed Test
    Reports the ‘real user experience’ by measuring the actual end-to-end speed that a TCP application will achieve for the connection being tested. The Managed Testing option enables automated testing over time to

    The Managed Testing feature collects measurements at regular intervals over several hours or days helps build important evidence to demonstrate a clear comparison of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ connection quality by time of day. This approach oftern helps the ISP to more quickly accept and resolve the issue without consuming several hours of your time.

  • NEW! Capacity Speed Test
    Measures the data rate a connection can sustain, or the ‘capacity’ of the connection. The capacity speed determines maximum throughput, while the application speed measures the actual speeds the user achieves.

  • VoIP Quality Test
    Simulates VoIP traffic over your Internet connection and provides an analysis of the voice quality you can expect. The key measures of connection quality for VoIP are not broadband speeds as many would think, but Jitter and Packet Loss. When Jitter or Packet Loss are high, it often results in a garbled communication similar to a bad cell phone connection. MyConnection PC measures both jitter and packet loss, and rates your connection for voice quality

  • Route Speed Test
    The network routing test shows the quality and length of the route between the two testing points, key factors that affect connection performance. The route graph details the path your connection takes to the testing server, and reports the data loss and latency for each network segment (or ‘hop’) to pinpoint where problems occur.

  • NEW! Forced Idle Test
    Forced idle is a very important metric when measuring connection performance as it provides a measure of TCP delay for a connection. Forced idle is brought about by the requirement for TCP to make sure that all the data has arrived safely at the remote end before sending more data. MyConnection PC reports the percentage of time your connection is waiting to send or receive data, versus the amount of time data is actually being sent.

  • NEW! Time Variation Test
    Time variation is a longer test designed to discover if the connection is being affected by TCP ramping, which occurs when the connection starts off fast and then slows down. Some ISPs use this technique to give browser users a good experience as web pages are relativly small. Problems then only occur when transferring larger amounts of data like music or video. Connections can also start off slow and speed up, satellite connections are well known for this behavior.
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