Versuchskommando fur Panzerbekampfung


  • ?

Formed Dec 1942 in ? with:

Stab/Versuchskommando fur Panzerbekampfung
1./Versuchskommando fur Panzerbekampfung
2./Versuchskommando fur Panzerbekampfung
3./Versuchskommando fur Panzerbekampfung

On 17 Jun 1943 the Stab was disbanded, and:

1. Staffel became Panzerjagerstaffel/St.G.1
2. Staffel became Panzerjagerstaffel/St.G.2
3. Staffel became Panzerjagerstaffel/ZG1

Used the following aircraft: Bf 110, Hs 129, Ju 87 and Ju 88.

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