Sturzkampfgeschwader 167

I. Gruppe:


  • ?

Formed 1 Apr 1937 in Lübeck-Blankensee from II./ with:

Stab I./St.G.167 from Stab II./St.G.162
1./St.G.167 from 4./St.G.162
2./St.G.167 from 5./St.G.162
3./St.G.167 from 6./St.G.162

On 1 Apr 1938 redesignated I./ with :

Stab I./St.G.167 became Stab I./St.G.168
1./St.G.167 became 1./St.G.168
2./St.G.167 became 2./St.G.168
3./St.G.167 became 3./St.G.168

Airfields and Air Base Locations
Date Location Gruppe Aircraft Used
1 Apr 1937 - 1 Apr 1938 Lübeck-Blankensee   He 70, Hs 123
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