schwere Flak-Abteilung 113 (o)

Formed Oct 1940 in Konigsberg with 1. - 5. Batterien (1. - 3. schwere, 4. leichte and 5. Scheinwerfer). Until Jul 1942 known as Reserve-Flak-Abteilung 113.

In Jul 1942 became schwere Flak-Abt.113 with 1. - 4. Batterien:

Stab/Res.113 no change
1./Res.113 no change
2./Res.113 no change
3./Res.113 no change
4./Res.113 became 4./ and was reformed
5./Res.113 became 14./

In Dec 1943 reduced to Stab/s.113 only:

1./s.113 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1500
2./s.113 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1501
3./s.113 became s.Flak-Bttr.zbV 1502
4./s.113 became 5./

Stab/s.113 was possibly attached to the Flakschule at Rerik for training duites Dec 1943 to Aug 1944. Moved to the western front in Sep 1944 and took control of several batteries as Stab/s.113 (b.mot.).

In Dec 1944 Stab/s.113 became Stab I./


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