Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 130

Formed Dec 1941 in Ploesti with:

Stab/Ln.Abt.130 new
1./Ln.Abt.130 new
2./Ln.Abt.130 new
Ger.Kol./Ln.Abt.130 new

Remained in Ploesti Mar 1942, when the moved to Russia, and was redesignated Luftnachrichten-Abteilung 135:

Stab/Ln.Abt.130 became Stab/
1./Ln.Abt.130 became 1./
2./Ln.Abt.130 became 2./
Ger.Kol./Ln.Abt.130 was disbanded

Reformed Oct 1942 in Southern Russia:

Stab/Ln.Abt.130 new
1./Ln.Abt.130 new [also known as Ln.Betr.Kp.130]

Stab/Ln.Abt.130 was disbanded Dec 1944.


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