JG101 - Jagdgeschwader 101
Jagdgruppe 101

Jagdgruppe 101 - JGr 101

Jagdgruppe 101 was another unit tasked with defending the northern borders of the Reich flying sorties over the Deutsche Bucht - German Bight- in the autumn of 1939. Subordinated to the Stab/ JG 77, a few machines from this unit participated in the 'Luftschlacht über der Deutschen Bucht' on 18 December 1939.

Jagdgruppe 101 was one of the lesser known Jagdwaffe units to operate over Poland in September and October 1939. The unit spent the winter of 1939/40 in northern Germany before its pilots were posted to other units during February 1940, many being incorporated into ZG 1. (cf. Prien, " Der Sitzkrieg" JfV Teil 2 page 507)


some known pilots to have flown with JGr 101 :

  • Josef 'Jupp' Keil flew with Jagdgruppe 101 from early 1939 to 1940 in defence of Northern Germany
  • Staffelkapitän Oblt. Dietrich Robitzsch

JGr 101

Known as Jagdgruppe 101 between 21 Sep 1939 and 1 Mar 1940. On 26 Jun 1940 renamed III./ZG76 with :

  • Stab II./ZG1 became Stab III./ZG76
  • 4./ZG1 became 7./ZG76
  • 5./ZG1 became 8./ZG76
  • 6./ZG1 became 9./ZG76

    Date Pilot Name Unit Enemy A/C Location Time Ref
    18.12.39Oblt. Dietrich Robitzsch: 13./JGr. 101Wellington20 km. S.W. Helgoland14.50OKL+JFV d.Dt.Lw. II - 1
    18.12.39Oblt. Rolf Kaldrack: 13./JGr. 101Wellington20 km. S.W. Heldoland14.50OKL+JFV d.Dt.Lw. II - 2
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