Jagdgeschwader 116

I. Gruppe:


  • ?

Formed 3 Sep 1944 in Hildesheim from with:

    Stab I./JG116 new
    1./JG116 new
    2./JG116 new
    3./JG116 new
    4./JG116 new

On 15 Oct 1944 redesignated with :

    Stab I./JG116 became Stab II./JG107
    1./JG116 became 5./JG107
    2./JG116 became 6./JG107
    3./JG116 became 7./JG107
    4./JG116 became 8./JG107

Airfields and Air Base Locations
Date Location
Sep 1944 - Oct 1944 Hildesheim

Aircraft used 1944 - 45: Ar 96 and Bf 109

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