Flugzeugverbindungsgeschwader 2


  • Maj Dr. Paul-Ludwig Buchholz, 1 Oct 1943 - Nov 1943
  • Maj Gerhard Heym, 29 Nov 1943 - ?

Formed 1 Oct 1943 in Berlin(?) with:

Stab/Fl.Verb.G.2 new
Stab I./Fl.Verb.G.2 new (soon disbanded)
5./Fl.Verb.G.2 new
11./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
12./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
13./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
14./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
15./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
16./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
17./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
21./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
22./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
23./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
24./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
25./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
26./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
27./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
28./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
29./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
30./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
31./Fl.Verb.G.2 new
32./Fl.Verb.G.2 new
33./Fl.Verb.G.2 from
34./Fl.Verb.G.2 new

In Apr 1944 5./Fl.Verb.G.2 was redesignated 35./Fl.Verb.G.2, and 43./Fl.Verb.G.2 was formed Apr 1944 from Flugber. Kreta.

Known bases:

Tirana, Oct 1943 [15./Fl.Verb.G.2]
Baranowitsche, Oct 1943 [13./Fl.Verb.G.2]
Kursk, Oct 1943 [27./Fl.Verb.G.2]
Simferopol, Nov 1943 [11./Fl.Verb.G.2]
Witebsk, Nov 1943 [Stab/Fl.Verb.G.2]
Athens-Tatoi, Dec 1943 [16./Fl.Verb.G.2]
Kamary, Dec 1943 [31./Fl.Verb.G.2]

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