(Flak)-Regiment General Göring


  • Oberst Walther von Axthelm, 1 Sep 1939 - 31 May 1940
  • Oberst Paul Conrath, 1 Jun 1940 - 21 Jul 1942
  • Obstlt Werner Hullmann, 21 Jul 1942 - May 1943

The Regiment began the war with Stab, I. - IV. and Wach-Btl./Regiment General Göring in Berlin-Reinickendorf. Two more units were formed on 26 Aug 1939: Reserve-Scheinwerfer-Abteilung General Göring and a 14. (Eisb.) battery with 105mm guns.

On 28 Oct 1939 the Stab was renamed and moved to the German/French border in preparation for the attack on France. The Stab took control of I. and IV./GG, I./ and II./ III./GG became subordinated to also at the German/French border. The rest of Regiment General Göring remained in Berlin.

In early May 1940 II./GG also joined In Jul 1940 again became Stab/Regiment General Göring, but remained in France, together with I. - IV./GG and was stationed around Paris. In Oct 1940 the entire regiment returned to Berlin. See and for details of the operations in France. Only a small part of the regiment was used in Operation Weserübung during April 1940 (8. battery and 1. coy of the

The regiment participated in the attack on Russia, subordinated to supporting Panzer-Gruppe 1 from 22 Jun 1941, now as Flak-Regiment General Göring. In 1941 the Reserve-Scheinwerfer-Abteilung General Göring was redesignated III./

In Nov 1941 the regiment left Russia and was transferred to München and was reorganised: II./GG and IV./GG exchanged designations, while III./GG was renamed The regiment remained in München with only I. and II./GG until Mar 1942 when it moved to Paris. In Jul 1942 moved to Cognac for the new The regiment was later destroyed in Tunisia under

In May 1941 a Schutzen-Bataillon General Göring was formed from parts of the Wach-Bataillon General Göring and the Kradschützen-Kompanie General Göring, and moved to Ploesti for protection of the oilfields and would later operate in Southern Russia (under until Mar 1942 when it moved to Cognac.

A second battalion was formed from parts of Wach-Bataillon General Göring on Nov 1941: II. Schutzen-Bataillon des This unit saw combat at Orel, Uman, Juchnow and Gorodischtsche until Mar 1942.

Organisation in 1939:

  • I. (gem.) 1-3 schwere, 4-5 leichte
  • II. (le.) 6-9
  • III. (Scheinwerfer) 11-13, 14 (Eisb.)
  • IV. (le.) 1-3 (later 15-17)
  • Reserve-Scheinwerfer-Abteilung, 1-3
  • Wach-Bataillon, 1-3
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