Geschwader Bongart


  • Oberst Frhr. Hermann-Josef von dem Bongart, Apr 1944 - Sep 1944


Formed Apr 1944 in Charleville(?) from Stab/

Disbanded Sep 1944.

Used the following aircraft: Bf 109, Bf 110, Do 217, Fi 156, He 46, He 111, Ju 88 and Re.2002

I. Gruppe:


  • Maj Albrecht Ochs(?), Apr 1944 - ?

Formed Apr 1944 in Charleville(?) from III./ with:

Stab I./Bongart from Stab III./Fl.Z.G.2
1./Bongart from 7./Fl.Z.G.2
2./Bongart from 8./Fl.Z.G.2
3./Bongart from 9./Fl.Z.G.2

Disbanded Sep 1944.

II. Gruppe:


  • ?

Formed Apr 1944 in Charleville(?) from IV./ with:

Stab II./Bongart from Stab IV./Fl.Z.G.2
4./Bongart from 10./Fl.Z.G.2
5./Bongart from 11./Fl.Z.G.2
6./Bongart from 12./Fl.Z.G.2
7./Bongart from 13./Fl.Z.G.2

Disbanded Sep 1944.

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