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There is much about our ancient past, beliefs and celebration days that remain today, yet not so clearly recognised and understood is that much of the knowledge and understandings have been altered and changed. The celebration days of the old Headen/Pagan societies that existed in many places around the world were altered and changed to represent Christian values and belief system.

The Headen culture was our planet original culture from Finland, from this culture Pagan, Celtic and other cultures were formed. The Headen culture represented not only the breeding system but also contained the knowledge and wisdom to create a long and healthy life. To work with the light of Oden (our Sun light, energy and etheric energy) gave understanding that all things were connected, to be at one with all things, a system that also created healthy humans into the future. This knowledge and information was the plan for humanity where there was no separation between self, animals and nature and was known as the Plan-et. This understanding and concept was shown as a circle with a dot in the centre of the circle.

Within the Headen culture was the recognition of the Sun (Oden, pronounced OO-DEN) as the life giver and light energy that creates life and wholeness with the phases of the Sun and Moon to our planet being of great importance and was regarded as the trinity.

One of the main celebration days occurred after the winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere when the Sun is at its lowest point, The Sun appears to remain still at its lowest point for 3 days, December 22nd, 23rd and 24th. The Sun then begins its movement back to spring and summer giving new life to all. This happens on the 25th of December and this celebration day was called “The Birth of New Sun”. This Headen/Pagan celebration day was changed by the new Christian religion to become “The Birth of the Son of God”.

The Headen celebration day of “Bocking day” the day after the birth of the new Sun was the day when the men had to perform tests of strength and prowess so that the females were able to choose a mate, this celebration day was also changed by the Christian hierarchy and became “Boxing day”.

The celebration day “Earth Share day” was set by the phases of the Moon, a celebration of the feminine fertility and Earth renewal. This also was changed by the Christian hierarchy which then became the time of the death and resurrection of the son of God and became Easter. It is interesting to note that the ancient Roman/Pagan culture would not accept this celebration date to be changed to a set day of Jesus death. To appease the pagan culture the Christian hierarchy had to set this date as Earth Share Day which is why the time of Easter is set by the phases of the Sun and Moon.

The celebration day of the “Birth of the New Sun” with the original traditions from ancient times to this day are observed in Finland even though it is celebrated as Christmas!

It is important to understand that the Bock Saga is spoken in the Southern Finnish language which is very different to the Finnish language.

According to the saga in the year 1050 Swiss mercenaries led by the Swedish king Anund Jakob invaded and destroyed Odenmaa. City of Hel and most of the original Finns the Asers were slaughtered. Some however fled to Southern Finland and it’s Islands and coastal regions. That is why even today the ancient Finnish language was retained and maintained by the people of southern Finland.

At that time most of the ancient castles, monuments and sacred trees were destroyed. The Christian army made three crusades into Finland and conquered it. Almost all remnants of the original Finnish culture were destroyed and Christianised, Finland was made part of Sweden and it was decreed that no people lived in Finland prior to this time.

Even by 2001 the Finnish Board of Antiquities (Museovirasto in Finnish) maintained that few people lived in Finland prior to this time. The F.N.B.A. refused to even consider that prior to the annexing of Finland to Sweden there lived a significant population with its own culture and that Finland had its own King and Queen. It is also of significance that the history of Finland maintained by oral traditions and knowledge recounts a history stemming back at least 15,000 years retained by many of the original Finns, making this the oldest know culture that existed on our planet. There is no other claim to the origins of the Headen and Pagan culture and its history maintained by the original Finnish families yet the F.N.B.A scoff at the suggestion that any of the oral history has any credence or substance.

Some of the ancient royal family lines of Ra, Maya and Bock who lived in Finland were part of the oldest ancestral King and Queen ship that existed on our planet. This history and culture stemming back further than any other civilization is a heritage to be proud of. For the F.N.B.A. to dismiss this out of hand is reprehensible and shows a complete lack of duty to discover and research their proud heritage that is singularly pertaining only to Finland and the Finnish people.

The King of Finland King Ra and Queen Maya fled to Karljarlborg (or Kaarljaalepuri) which was also called Kajaani Castle. Within the Bock family Lemminkäinen was Bock as he was the breeder, His parents were Ukko Väinämöinen and Akka, also known by the names Per and Ella. These three members of the Bock family symbolized the Sun Wheel of Oden. Lemminkäinen fled with his family to northern Lapp land and continued to celebrate the ancient customs, traditions and culture. It was from the celebration day “Birth of The New Sun” where the Lapps called Lemminkäinen, Santa. Traditionally he was robed in a red coat and hat and gave out gifts and presents on that day. In Finland Santa is called "Joulupukki" which means "christmas-goat" which confirms that Bock Lemminkäinen became Santa.

Bock Lemminkäinen became Santa. "Joulupukki" in Finnish


Bock Lemminkäinen became Santa. "Joulupukki" in Finnish

It is clear that the origin of Christmas is from Finland and that Finns claim that they have always known that Santa comes from Finland. Yet it is sad to discover that many in Finland are as yet unwilling to embrace their true heritage and ancient culture that far surpasses any other culture or people on our planet today. Another ancient tradition that survives even today in Finland is the making of the Christmas cookies with its roots in the Bock Saga (Väinämöinen's mythology) which tells about eight powers (Part II of the Bock Saga). Eight of the Christmas cookies represent those eight powers and other Cookies representing the ancient Finnish culture.

The first power is Hel (Now called Helsinki) was the centre of Odenmaa and its symbol and cookie is the Swastika.

The Bock (Pukki Lemminkäinen) was the 12th son of Ukko. Buck represented sun and his symbol was strå bock, straw buck. Origin of straw buck is sun: strålar - sunbeams give the seed power to sprout and grow to a straw, Straw buck is tied from a bunch of straws and is put under the fir tree on Christmas Eve. The cookie representing Bock is a goat or buck.

The third power is “i” the fertility symbol represented by the Fir or Pine tree. The number 7 represents Oden which is symbolized by a seven pointed star placed atop of the Fir tree.

The fourth power is Oden the Sun and the cookie that symbolizes Oden is a round disk.

The fifth power is Ra the first son of Ukko Väinämöinen and Akka. In Finnish, Ra the first son is called Seppo Ilmarinen and the first daughter is called Maija Ilmatar. This is symbolized by the horseshoe, rose and half moon of which the half moon is made into a cookie.

The sixth power is Tor or Tuur meaning heart, heart friend and hammer of Tor. This was symbolized by the cookie shaped like a heart. Red apples represented heart friends which were hung on the Fir tree.

The seventh and eight powers were Frei and Freia the first man and first woman, in Finnish is Sampo and Aino. These were symbolized by the cookies of a man and a woman.

Ukko Väinämöinen and Akka (Father and Mother) were represented by a cookie of a man holding the hand of a woman.


Christmas Cookies made in Finland

It was also the tradition to save dried fruits and nuts and other produce from the previous harvest and to combine these ingredients into a cake or pudding. Inside were put a pure golden disk and a pure silver disk or coin. The golden disk representing Oden and the golden rays of the Sun. The silver disk represented the full moon, Shiva and the silver rays of the full moon. The previous harvested food represented the Earth bounty when combined was an honouring of Sun, Moon and Earth to the people. The Sun, Moon and Earth was also a trisul, a symbol of fertility and another symbol of the breeder as it also represents the sperm. The making of the cake or pudding was honouring fertility and a blessing of good fortune for the coming year harvest. From this ancient ritual and tradition was the tradition of making the Christmas cake and Christmas pudding celebrated in many places around the world which continues today.

The celebration day of the “Birth Of The New Sun” was also a celebration of ones own family and friends, the sharing of good will and tidings for the coming year. The Christian hierarchy tried to make the celebration of the New Sun into the birth of the Christ yet most people still celebrate Christmas with

overtures of our ancient past and ancient culture even if one does not understand the true and ancient celebration day of the 25th of December, a day of good will to all, true friendship and the honouring of nature and of natures gifts. A sharing of gifts given and received continues on regardless for inherent in all people is a realization of what is good in our world and what is important. A celebration of humanity and what can be achieved by all who hold goodness in their heart.

The knowledge of the ancient Headen culture was shared with many centres around the world and was assimilated by indigenous peoples into their own cultures. It was therefore ordained by the Christian church that all Headen cultures became the Heathen cultures and Headen people were of no worth or value. Any history that led one to the ancient Headen culture was forcibly removed and hidden. The Roman Catholic Church decreed to destroy, change and remove all Headen cultures and indigenous peoples all over our planet. All remnants of the ancient Headen/Pagan culture were systematically destroyed, removed and changed by the Christian elite who then dictated what was to be learnt and by whom. Thus no longer were females allowed to teach or be recognized as equals, the newly written bible condemning females to less than human. Further that the concept that man being the children of God had dominion over nature and the animal kingdom separated man from nature and thus from the light of wholeness and the Plan-et. This practice of conversion to Christian beliefs and dogmas continues unabated to the present day.

From the original Headen culture the Pagan culture was formed which retained much of the knowledge and celebration days but did not recognize or follow the original breading system. Of the many places the Pagan culture thrived was in ancient Rome with much more emphasis placed upon the Sun and Sun

worship. From this singular perspective the Moon and with it the feminine equality and power was removed thus creating a male dominant society.

A miss conception about Rome continues today as a result of history being written by the ruling Roman Catholic Church was that the Roman Empire fell and was no more. When in reality a new and more obnoxious empire was created by using black letters on white paper that ruled and controlled the people. The place of power was simply transferred from Rome to the Vatican with the priests of a new religion having supreme power over all. To achieve this new religion the head of Rome Constantine realized he needed to incorporate the old Pagan beliefs and the new Christian beliefs into one religion that would be acceptable to both. Constantine assembled all the head priests in what is known as “The Council of Nicosia” to rewrite all the known texts into one universal belief system named to control all people. Thus the bible was created, the new concepts of this religion incorporated many of the ancient celebration days to satisfy the Pagans.

To control the people they created a new concept of Heaven and Hell. Hel was the ancient centre of the Headen system and therefore was relegated to the most horrifying place to be. The concept of Hell and damnation was created to control the masses. It was also ordained that this new ruling religion would transfer its power from Rome to the Priestly elite who would have full power and control over the people. This power was transferred to the Vatican and the head of Rome became the Pope/Emperor of all domains and peoples. Rome therefore did not fail or fall, it just simply ruled in a different way with the newly written bible being its rules of control. The ancient celebration days decreed within the bible could then be celebrated and recognised by Pagans and Christians alike.

This then was “the created control system” to control people with a belief system that disempowered people with their Go-Spells (Gospels) that entrain the mind to darkness and separation. This entrapment limited the human ability to see the light and become whole once more. That the connection of the light of Oden and the universe gave understanding that god/goddess was within themselves to become whole and at one with all things. This was changed to an external God that one could never see or fully connect to. The Go-Spells were incorporated into the ancient texts to create what we see today as the Christian bible. The created control system created a false belief system based upon fear, retribution, control and ultimately the demise of the human spirit. It is not set on enlightenment and in fact separates man and women and ordains that man can rule over nature and all other living things on our planet, that man had dominance over all things separated men from the feminine laws of creation, oneness and the divine laws of the universe.

The created control system put in place by the Roman Emperor Constantine and his court of priests eventually controlled much of the world, dictated what could be learnt and taught, controlled the sciences and all human endeavours that did not conform to their control system. They rewrote the history of our planet and created the Bible that controls personal free will and the connection to the trinity of Oden (the Sun), Moon and Earth (Nature) to a trinity of God, the Sun of God and the Holy Spirit.

They created a monetary system for further control that also allowed the churches to make and receive money in any way they wanted. They set up laws to ensure that the churches never had to pay taxes and this still exists to the present day. The wealth of the churches was then used to conduct their crusades and wars in the name of Christianity. Its centre and heart was still in Rome but changed name to the Vatican City, an autonomous state within the country of Italy. In 1929 the world community decided to finally and officially recognise that the Vatican City was an autonomous official state/ country. This also then gave all people living in this city diplomatic status and therefore diplomatic immunity wherever they travel.

This control system with its money wheel changed the original Headen giving system to a system of greed and a taking system which continues today. It has becoming clear that this taking system is destroying our Planet and all who live upon it. That a change has to happen if we are to survive and that the ancient roots of our original culture from Finland hold the keys to our survival and will enable us to once more be in harmony with nature and our Planet.

To recognize and understand this control system allows one to realise that ones own belief system is not one’s own but rather the one that has been forced upon you. To realise this is the first step to enable a person to become free, whole and empowered to become truly a co-creator with the universe/ God/ goddess, the true human spirit of goodness to co-create a new Plan-et.

Juha Javanainen’s  book about the Ior Bock’s family saga (Bock, Ior, Bockin perheen saaga – Väinämöisen mytologia, Synchronicity 1996, ISBN 952-5137-00-7), have chapters which discuss about
the Christmas traditions. The book is available in Finnish from http://www.iorbock.fi


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