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Brisbane Markets is Queensland's main wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable market and one of six Central Markets found in Australia.

Brisbane Produce Market is the most important centre for the marketing and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables in Queensland. It is the centrepiece for the selling and distribution of horticulture produce that is trucked, railed, shipped and flown from throughout Australia and overseas to the Rocklea site.

Brisbane Markets' 56 primary fruit and vegetable and flower wholesalers and an additional 93 support businesses act as a clearinghouse for about 9,000 growers who supply produce. Its wholesalers compete with each other in one location, each trying to get the best price for the produce they sell. Prices change on a daily basis, influenced by supply and demand, with factors such as size and quality also playing a part.

A further 1,000 buyers, including fruit and vegetable retailers, secondary wholesalers, provedores, restaurants, cafes, food service businesses and exporters, source their fresh produce requirements from the Brisbane Produce Market. These buyers inspect the wide variety and range of products available and compare various grades and prices to ensure they are getting the best produce available at a fair market price on the day.

Facts and figures
The Brisbane Produce Market is owned and managed by Brisbane Markets Limited (BML).
Brisbane Markets is located on a 72-hectare parcel of land at Rocklea, just 11kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.
The Brisbane Markets site incorporates the Brisbane Produce Market, Brisbane Flower Market, Brisbane MarketPlace retail markets precinct, the Brisbane Markets South Gate industrial precinct and a thriving commercial centre.
An average of over 600,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables pass through the Brisbane Produce Market each year.
56 primary wholesalers operate at the site as well as an additional 93 support businesses.
More than 4,000 people work or do business at the Brisbane Markets on a daily basis.
Approximately 9,000 growers supply produce for sale at the Brisbane Produce Market annually.
Over 1,000 licensed buyers purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from the Brisbane Produce Market.
There are 26 warehouse and five selling floor buildings covering an area of more than 107,000 square metres, with in excess of 50,000 square metres being temperature controlled.

The Central Market System
A Central Market is the main wholesale fresh fruit and vegetable market serving a state or region. Central Markets provide an efficient an effective wholesale marketing distribution hub ensuring consumers have ready access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

In Australia Central Markets are located in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Newcastle.

A Central Market consists of many wholesalers, who compete with each other in one location, each trying to get the best price for the produce they sell. At Central Markets, prices change on a daily basis. The key determinants influencing prices are supply and demand, with factors such as size and quality also playing an important part.

Brisbane Produce Market is part of a thriving national fresh produce industry and central market system which includes some 400 Market wholesalers, 18,400 growing establishments, and a diverse array of buyers, with an estimated 25 million transactions taking place per year. About 95% of Australia's fruit and vegetable growing establishments supply product to a Central Market, making the Central Market System an integral part of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain.

Central Market tenants are active participants in all sectors of the supply chain. The six Central Markets provide the industry with:

Over 400 primary wholesalers / marketers

Total throughput of more than $6 billion
Total throughput volume of approximately 4 million tonnes
More than 11,000 Market-based employees nationally
Investment of more than $1 billion investment in the horticulture industry by Market owners and tenants
In this section relevant information is grouped depending on the needs of the general public, commercial buyers, and growers and industry groups.

Brisbane Markets

The large Brisbane suburb of Rocklea is located 12 kilometres south of the city. At times the suburb has experienced significant flooding from the nearby Brisbane River. The west of the suburb is bordered by the Oxley Creek.
Rocklea is a mostly industrial suburb, being the home to many large firms from a range industries (Mainly Transport). It is also at one end of the Ipswich Motorway and has a train station on the Beenleigh line.
Rocklea is also the host to the Brisbane Markets, which is known for its flowers, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. It also hosts to a subway restaurant(as a result of the markets).

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