Dornier Do 17

COD C6 Do 17Z3 7.KG3 (5K+AR) France 1940 COD C6 Do 17Z3 7.KG3 (5K+AR) France 1940 V0A COD C6 Do 17Z3 7.KG3 generic France 1940 SNM Dornier Do 17 Z2 7.KG3 (5K+AR) WNr 1160 France 1940 0A

KG3 7. Staffel III. Gruppe Kampfgeschwader 3 'Blitz' - 7./KG3 code 5K+

Dornier Do 17Z 7./KG3 (5K+AR) shot down Battle of Britain Aug 1940

RAF Museum,Hendon indicate that the wreck is Do-17-Z2 Ser No 1160 of 7/III/KG3 (5K + AR) lost on 26 August 1940, the height of the Battle of Britain.

The Dornier 17 was part of a large enemy formation intercepted by RAF fighter aircraft at midday on 26 August 1940 as they attempted to attack airfields in Essex. This particular aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on the Goodwin Sands at low tide after an attack by Defiant fighters of No 264 Sqn that left both engines stopped and the crew wounded.

The Dornier, flown by Feldwebel (Flt Sgt) Willi Effmert attempted a wheels-up landing on the Goodwin Sands. He touched down safely and the aircraft sank inverted. Effmert and his observer were captured but the other crewmen died and their bodies were washed ashore later.

Raising the Dornier 17

The aircraft is in remarkable condition - considering the events surrounding its loss plus the effects of spending so many years under water. Other than marine concretion it is largely intact, the main undercarriage tyres remain inflated and the propellers clearly show the damage inflicted during their final landing.

Work to conserve and prepare the Dornier for display will be undertaken at the RAF Museum's award-winning conservation centre at Cosford. Here the Dornier will be placed alongside the Museum's Vickers Wellington which is currently undergoing long term restoration.

Dornier 17 Aircraft restoration

Air Vice-Marshal Peter Dye, Director General of the RAF Museum said that "The discovery of the Dornier is of national and international importance. The aircraft is a unique and unprecedented survivor from The Battle of Britain. It is particularly significant because, as a bomber, it formed the heart of the Luftwaffe assault and the subsequent Blitz." The RAF Museum, with the support of English Heritage and the Ministry of Defence, is now developing a recovery plan to protect the aircraft from any further damage and to provide for its long term preservation. There is concern, however, that material has recently been removed illegally from the wreck site - although a number of items have now been retrieved.

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Keith Checkmysix C6 COD Dornier Do 17Z 7./KG3 (5K+AR) shot down Battle of Britain Aug 1940
Keith Checkmysix C6 COD Dornier Do 17Z 7./KG3 (5K+AR) shot down Battle of Britain Aug 1940 V0A

Keith Checkmysix C6

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Dornier Do 17 history and specifications

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